First Impressions Are Important When Painting
Is Your Business Curb Appeal Inviting?

When you go shopping, what is it that gets you to enter a store? It could be the customer service or the well advertised sale that attracts your attention. But the exterior storefront also brings attention to the business. It’s the face of the company and the product.

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Business owners know that first impressions are important, but what about the second and third? The outside of a building can entice and invite customers and clients, but the interior of the building is what keeps them coming back time and time again. In all types of business, customers look for a clean interior and a personality to match their needs.Of course, not every business sells products. You may be running a service business instead of a retail store or restaurant. In that case, you are going to want a professional commercial paint job that looks better than a new, custom-fitted, Armani suit. Clients look for a business that meets both their needs and their level of professionalism.

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As the face of your company, your building must look clean, like a freshly pressed shirt. Don’t let dingy, old paint hold you back from letting your business grow. When you call on Silva's Painting to coat and trim your building’s exterior or to brighten up the interior surfaces, your clients will notice. They’ll feel safer putting their trust in you. And since your staff will enjoy working in a bright environment day after day, your client-relations and productivity will also improve.

If you’re running a retail business, you want your walls to have as much style as your customers. Try creating a vibrant and original setting with the help of our color consultants. You can create patterns and lines that beckon your customers’ feet throughout the store. And what better way to attract their attention to a new product than with an accent wall? They’ll just have to see what you’ve put against that unique wall! Silva's Painting can help you rebuild your space to become a haven for the stylish shoppers and gift-givers that come searching for the best quality money can buy.

There is another type of business, however, that is often forgotten. Somewhere between retail and professional services is the recreational industry. From spas to arcades, your business’ interior is still important. Everyone loves to be pampered every now and then, but they aren’t going to keep going to a spa if the interior doesn’t speak calm and relaxing thoughts. They want a sanctuary – a safe and calming place away from home and far away from the kids. Even children in an arcade are more likely to keep playing if the environment is fun and welcoming.

Silva's Painting is proud to provide quality coatings applied with pride for all types of commercial buildings, from offices to stores and recreational sanctuaries – even restaurants and churches! Since we understand that your business is important every day and not just during business hours, we provide flexible scheduling.

All of our employees undergo a thorough background check and use only family-friendly language on the job. We work quickly and efficiently to get the job done the way you want it in the time you need it.

We understand that unexpected things can happen to your walls, even in a business, so we offer a 2-year warranty on your new paint coating. And since we protect against overspray and property damage, you won’t have to worry about your products or your fax machine being painted.

We also offer other services should you discover you need drywall repaired or crown molding installed! But best of all, we provide polite and professional commercial painting services with pride and efficieNCY:. You’ll love your new walls almost as much as your clients when you call Silva's Painting for your free estimate and competitive pricing for all your painting needs.

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